Carla David: 
Queer-fiction author

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Carla David (They/She) lives in the middle of England with her furbabies, preferring the company of animals to humans most of the time.

Neurodiverse, polyamorous, lesbian, and non-binary, they enjoy writing about characters who also live and love queerly. Having found a lack of stories with characters and relationships they can relate to, they have decided to take matters into their own hands. They have had short stories published previously under other pen names, fiction and non-fiction, and are currently working on their first lesfic novel.

Carla has felt most at home in the pages of a book for as long as she can remember. After being put off by the restrictive rules and expectations of writing at school, she started to enjoy creative writing again in her thirties after being reintroduced to it by her partner who shares this passion. She is now taking delight in letting the storyteller inside her loose once more, and is heartened to find others who want to read her stories.

Carla enjoys connecting with people through literature and other arts. She is the chair of a local community organisation that organises events and projects centred around queer literature. 

An extroverted introvert, they have learned to embrace their differences over the years and have been fortunate to find others who embrace them too. They are passionate about human rights and community, among other pressing issues, including using their own experience to educate and support others.

No matter how scary the world seems at times, her beloved piggies never fail to make her smile.